Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New Challenge, A New Chapter!

Today I did it.  I couldn't help myself!

I've been looking through different companies for opportunities.  I wanted a company that I could be flexible and go to my sons ball games, but yet make a little cash, dough, moolah--MONEY!!!!!  AND have FUN!!!!  So, after researching and researching and reading conracts and terms and conditions, (boring, boring, boring) I did it.  I am now officially a Close to my Heart consultant! 

So, if anyone needs any stamps or papers, ideas, workshops or would just like to get together to craft--SEE ME!!!!!  It can be just you or a group of friends.  We'll have a blast! (I'll even bring cupcakes!)

Here is my blog.  It will take you to my Facebook page and my online CTMH store:

Please come see me at that blogspot as well (though I might merge RRW and Crafty Queens-more to come later).  I'll have lots of new items I'll be creating and entering into contests from the Crafty Queens blog as well!

Take Care!